RIP Joe Peters

Joe Peters

It is with heavy hearts that we expresse our condolences to the family and friends of Joe Peters, Sr. (pictured with wife Nelda) of Peters Brothers Hats. Joe developed one of the first custom Indiana Jones styled fedoras and was gracious host to fans at his shop. The shop remains in good hands and will continue under the guidance of Joe's grandson.


Why's Indy Wearing Shorts?

A question oft asked to Mark Raats is actually the end of a tale of a fan's trip to Indy locales. Click on through to read Mike's Hawaiian adventure, and of a wife's dare that led to an fun-filled vacation of a lifetime.

Indy Swing


Indy Disney
Indy Joins The House of Mouse

On Friday, December 6th, it was announced that Disney aquired the rights to market and release future Indiana Jones films. Disney's Alan Horn has stated that it'll take 2 to 3 years for a new Indy film to materialize, stating they need a story.

You can read more possibilities in a Variety article here.

Frank Marshall has tweeted that he's getting used to being back in the Indy offices at Disney and shared his favorite Indy pic.